posh newcomer tip #1

Share share share. And I don’t mean just other poshers’ listings.

You may think it’s selfish or egotistical to share your own listings. However, sharing, or “updating” your own listings is the only way to get them back to the top of the search queue.

Most shoppers come onto Poshmark and start searching right away: Prada purse. Free People sweater. Urban Outfitters dress. Owl t-shirt. Llama tote bag. Onesie pajamas.

If you don’t share your own listings, they may get lost way down on the list. A shopper will only scroll down so much until they find what they’re looking for. If your listings are just out of sight, you won’t snag that sale.

You may think you’re fine if others share your listings. That is not the case. When others share your listings, they only show up in that posher’s FOLLOWERS News Feed. So if they have 5,000 followers it will only be seen by them. As opposed to millions of potential buyers who use Poshmark’s search engine daily.

So put yourself first and share share away! At least once a day, more if possible. Some poshers share their listings multiple times a day during high traffic times.

After you share/update your listings, THEN you can share other poshers’ listings to spread the posh love as well as gain exposure (someone might return the favor and notice something they suddenly want from your closet, resulting in a sale). So sharing both ways is a definite win-win.

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