posh pro tip #1

Create a template for the bottom of each description in your listings.

So you’ve been on Poshmark a while, and you’ve gotten the hang of things and are doing relatively well. What can you do to improve? There’s always something!

Creating a template for your descriptions is a great way to add not only your personality, but pertinent information that you deem is important for people to see in each listing.

What are some important things you want customers to know?

Are you a fast shipper? Posh Ambassador? Do you not ship on Fridays and Saturdays? Are you a smoke free and pet free home? Do you want to encourage questions? Promote your Poshmark discount? Perhaps you want shoppers to check out your other listings.

Whatever you decide, be sure to keep it short due to the description character limit.

Make it your own. Tailor it to your specific personality and needs. Put YOUR stamp on it. Once you’re satisfied with your template, save it on your computer or smartphone. Then it’s an easy Copy/Paste every time you create a new listing.

I discovered this early on when shopping around. I saw someone had a template in their listings and thought it was a great idea. So I created my own, and since then, I’ve had many iterations, constantly evolving and changing it, improving and tweaking it to posh perfection!

Example 1:

💨 Fast Shipper

❌ No Trades

🚭 Smoke free/Pet free home


Example 2:

• Check out my other listings and bundle 2 items for a 10% discount. I ship same day! Feel free to ask me any questions.

Example 3:

👗Posh Ambassador, Fashionista, and Poshaholic ❓Send me your questions 📏 Measurements upon request

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