seven things you may not know about poshmark

You know some basic tips and tricks…but do you know these informative bits?

October 7, 2019

You can find a multitude of articles online about tips and tricks when navigating through Poshmark, but you probably won’t hear about these obscure things related to the site. These are some things that I have discovered.

1. Privacy alert! You can go to any posher’s closet and see all their potential buyers’ bundles and any conversations between them. Those comments you thought were private between buyer and seller, well…they aren’t!

If you’ve discussed personal things that you don’t want seen, the only way that others won’t see it is if you empty the bundle completely (remove all items), OR if the buyer makes a purchase, the conversation goes away from the closet and then becomes “private” in the Purchases section (private in quotes because I’m sure Poshmark staff can probably read it if they need to). Yes, the conversation literally moves.

Here’s a step-by-step how-to, using the app via an iPhone:

a. Select the 3 dot icon (aka menu icon):

b. When the menu comes up from the bottom, select Bundles From “@so-and-so” with the shopping bag icon:

c. You will see a list of people’s bundles as well as their conversations! Click on any bundle to view conversations.

You cannot see your own bundle page the same way as shown above. In order to see yours, go to your Settings page—>My Bundles. Or, select the shopping bag icon on your closet page. This is where you can start emptying bundles if you don’t want those conversations shown.

2. Be very careful when packing a bundle order. Double and triple check to make sure the correct size is packed, and that all the correct items are included. If a buyer requests a return because you included the wrong size, the wrong item, or something was missing, or for whatever reason, it can take 1-3 days for Poshmark to respond and approve the return. At that time, they will tell the buyer to package and return EVERYTHING. Even though the buyer wants everything else and has even started wearing some of the things. They do not do partial returns. I even emailed them and they confirmed that they have no way in the system to do partial refunds/returns.

I was even willing to pay for another label but because the buyer put in a return request, Poshmark approved it. I ended up reaching out to the buyer and asked her not to return the bundle, then I sent the correct size via first class mail.

3. Confused about how to price an item? Use Poshmark’s search engine and search for your item. If you find it (or similar items based on brand and category), see what the going rate is. To see what it will actually sell for after price drops and offer acceptances, go to Availability—>Sold Items. Now, you don’t have to price it at those sold prices unless you want a fairly quick sale, but this gives you a gauge as to what to put down as a starting price, as well as what to expect.

Here’s how to do it:

a. Make sure you’re in the Shop section to use Poshmark’s search engine:

b. As an example I will search for Free People dress:

c. Once you get to Free People dresses, you can scroll down the listings to see what the going rate is, then, swipe the toolbar menu at the top all the way to the left:

d. Once you get to the far right, you will see Availability. Select it:

e. Choose Sold Items from the drop down list…

f. Now you can scroll down to your heart’s content to see all the recent listings that have sold and what they actually sold for.

4. Are you new to Poshmark and have fallen in love with the site and wish to devote your time and effort into building a business, but you chose a not-so-catchy username? That was me! Simply contact Poshmark Support and they will gladly change your username for you. Come up with something snazzy and catchy, professional and full of pizazz.

This was me! I was @lisa13xx and once I decided I wanted to start selling, I changed my username to @poshielisa

5. Want to share your closet listings and other’s listings quickly? The app is so slow compared to using a web browser on your iPhone, smartphone, iPad, tablet, laptop or desktop. Just type in I knew this for some time but I never actually did it that route. I suffered using the app for almost two years now. Only recently in the last couple weeks have I started doing this, and what a timesaver it has been. I have also been able to share so many more of other’s listings, it has gotten me a lot more exposure than ever before.

a.) With the app (see above), sharing is so slow, you have to tap the Share icon, then another screen comes up, then you have to tap My Followers, then wait until it’s finished working in order to share the next listing…but in the web browser/website, you can share without hesitation, one right after the next.
b.) Using a web browser on any device, you can share your listings at the touch of a button (the My Followers screen shows up instantly), and immediately you can move on to the next listing without waiting, no hesitation. Simply move on to the next.

6. What if you get some likes and/or shares from someone and their username or profile pic looks familiar? Can you quickly check to see if they’ve purchased from you before, without having to painstakingly scroll down your Purchases list? Yes. All you need to do is pull up their style card and it will show you if they’ve purchased from you, as well as more information. Here’s how to do it:

a. Select the profile pic + shopping bag icon:

b: In this next screen, select the 3 dot menu icon, then select Switch to Sell View:

c. On this Sell View screen, select the 3 dot menu icon, then select View Style Card:

d. Finally, you will see if you have sold anything to this posher, as well as their sizes and all their love notes:

You can also check to see if you’ve made a purchase from someone by viewing your own style card:

a. Select the profile pic + shopping bag icon:

b. On this Shop View screen, select the 3 dot menu icon, then select View My Style Card:

c. You can see if you have bought anything from this posher, as well as your sizes and all your love notes:

7. Poshmark has been offering Closet Clear Out Sales for years now. That’s where if you drop 10% from your lowest historical price, they foot some of the shipping bill, which makes it desirable for not only buyers, but sellers as well (sellers have to foot any extra shipping costs when using the Offer to Likers tool, so it’s nice to not have to eat any shipping costs for this deal). I never paid attention to the fine print until I started liking my own listings (by liking your own listings, you will get notifications and see how others see them). That’s when I noticed that my listings $10 and under were not giving the Closet Clear Out deal when I lowered the price 10%! Then I read the fine print and realized that the minimum purchase price must be at least $10.

The site has been offering these deals at least once a week, or once every two weeks lately, and every time I’ll get many shipping discount offers, but also a notification that someone just lowered their price…below $10. Those poshers think that Poshmark is offering their likers a shipping discount but they are mistaken because the fine print is so small. The reason for this is that Poshmark wants to make it worthwhile for themselves, since they are losing money every time a buyer accepts the deal. A less than $10 sale is not worth it for them as they only get $2.95 from the sale.

Read the fine print.

Make sure after your 10% discount, your purchase price is at least $10. The one on the bottom right was $9 after the 10% price drop.

I hope you have found this informative. Check back in the future! You might just see “seven more things you may not know about poshmark.”