the power of relisting

September 19, 2019

What do you do when you’ve lowered prices on your listings so much, and still, no takers? Let it sit there for months or even years? Why don’t you try something a little counterintuitive.

Delete and relist the item.

But what about all your likes, you ask? It doesn’t matter. They weren’t taking you up on your offers and they didn’t bite when you kept lowering the price. So it’s time to get your listing seen by a new crop of people.

One of the perks of relisting is that it will be highlighted in Poshmark’s New Listings feed. A whole new set of eyes will be on your items. Sometimes depending on the brand, it’s in the New Listings feed for days. Someone who happens to be browsing Poshmark, who happens to be the exact size and who happens to loves that brand and who really needs the item will see yours at exactly the right time. Suddenly you have a sale!

I have relisted from time to time with great success. Here are two real world examples.

When I first started Poshmark, I researched online different ways to become a great seller. I had read about this thing called “relisting.”

I had this Banana Republic sweater that I kept lowering and lowering until it was in the single digits, perhaps $9 for sale. Then I decided to relist it. I took screenshots of all photos, went in to the listing as if I were going to edit it, copied the description…then came the big part. Hitting the Delete Listing button. I did it!

Then I created a new listing, brought in all my photos, pasted the description, and voilà, a “new” listing: asking price $40. Lo and behold, a few days later, someone bought it outright!

Earlier this year I was selling my mom’s Nikes. She had gotten the wrong size and wore them a few times, getting dirt and scuff marks on them. I quickly took photos as-is and listed them for $40. I got a ton of likes, possibly 50+. I kept lowering the price until they were so low, I would be giving them away. I think if someone accepted my last offer to likers I would have made $10. So instead I decided to clean the shoes and retake pictures, then I copy/pasted my description into a new listing after adding the new-and-improved photos, and within a week they sold for a more reasonable price that you’d expect for EUC Nikes.

You might be asking, why don’t you just edit the listing and raise the price? It takes two seconds. You could do that, although the etiquette regarding that is hazy. Another reason to relist besides having some fresh eyes seeing it, is that now, after you get some new likes, you can make offers to likers and drop the price again during Closet Clear Outs or whenever you feel it’s time to lower the price.

Offer to Likers and Closet Clear Outs only work if you decrease the price by 10% of the original listing price, and then in 10% increments thereafter (as you keep dropping the price). Potential buyers receive the offer and/or get email notifications telling them about price drops during CCOs. If you just edit the listing and raise the price back up, it will no longer register as the original listing price.

Therefore, although a little bit time consuming, it is well worth the effort to occasionally relist your old items.